Why improve the process

Hey it works so why do we want to improve the process?  Each day we get up and work for at least 40 hours a week. When I felt that I was making a significant contribution to the company’s bottom  line  and doing something that mattered I felt really happy about my job. When I was in jobs that seemed to add no value, I was not the best performer and generally unhappy with my job. Given the chance to change the way that we work, who wouldn’t?  Imagine if we could spend 40 hours a week working on something that made sense and contributed to the company’s overall mission.  Imagine doing that thing in the most efficient and effective way so that we feel that  we are valuable and adding value. Imagine making decisions without second guessing that someone may be offended that you made a decision, or that you are taking charge, suppose, just suppose that its ok for you to do anything legal, moral and ethical to get the job done. Take a moment and imagine what that would be like. For me there is no other reason to improve processes.  Processes should be improved so that workers, employees, team members feel that they are contributing to the organization’s success on a daily basis and that they have the power to make a difference.  If your employees do not feel this way about what they do on a daily basis then your processes may have room for improvement


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