Do we need a consultant

There are many ways to improve processes.  Most times when we perceive the need to improve processes we being to look externally at resources.  Some executive remembers read a book or attended a conference at which the author or speaker expounds some examples of Business Improvement techniques, projects and results.   Before you know it the speaker / author is a consultant in your company doing a Business Improvement project.I am not knocking consultants – I have been one from time to time.  I am knocking the management decision to hand over the execution of critical strategy to a virtual stranger who knows nothing of the company and even less of its culture.  Whatever happened to the intelligent, creative, problem solvers who work in the company on a daily basis?  Why doesn’t the company find a way to engage this team of people to lead the Project?  Think of it. Internal Project leaders know the resistors, the supporters, the informal leaders.  They know what is wrong and have quite a few ideas on how to fix it.  Why not choose a leader from within to lead the Business Process Improvement.  It will be cheaper and possibly have quicker buy in.  Tell me the reasons why this would not work.

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