When the VP leaves

The only constant is change.  I readily accept the adage and am a strong supporter of it, then why do I feel a sense of fear and loss when the VP I report to has resigned.  My job does not depend on him, the job I have is an outcome of my experience and qualifications, yet I feel unsure.  My first thoughts are “Its a sign of the times. Maybe I should look for a job.  I have been here too long.  It’s time to go.” Regardless of how pragmatic I am about jobs and the role that I play in a company I still have a reaction. The VP and I are not friends, he did not hire me, we do not have a personal relationship, yet still I feel the loss.  Being human sucks, emotions remove rational behaviour and fear is a game changer. Chances are that his leaving will have nothing but an emotional toll as I adjust to having a new VP, see how the politics line up and understand the new personality.  My job will remain basically the same.  What is the issue really? The issue is that whether we are aware or not ties develop to places, people or things and when these ties are severed in any way there is an emotional response that often triggers a behaviour.  What do you think?


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