Consultant vs facilitator

So what’s the difference between a consultant and a facilitator to lead the Business Improvement Project, in fact any project in the organization?

Consultant Facilitator
Can work alone Only works with groups/ teams
Has something to sell – solution, software or methodology Nothing to sell.  Works with any group of people
Specializes in a specific discipline Works across disciplines
Has a vested interest in the outcome – it’s his calling card Vested interest in the method, to get the group to the outcome
Tells what the solutions is Leads the group to the solution
Owns the solution Group owns the solution.
Has to sell the solution to the group.  Group has to buy in to the decision Group makes the decision, group already has buy in to the solution
Can implement solution alone Cannot implement solution – it’s the group’s
Walks away with the knowledge Knowledge is left in the company
Consultant wins every time Creates win win every time

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