I have a dream

“I have a dream” by Martin Luther King is listed as one of the  most popular speeches of all time.   I don’t know the rest of the speech, I just find comfort in the words – I have a dream.

When I dream I see myself operating at full throttle, with no constraints.   It is for me a rallying cry a, a tie breaker that helps me make decisions.  If it does not fit or compromises my dream I say NO.  There have been times when I have drifted to where the grass seemed greener and  some excitement flurried, but in the end, like a rudder, my dream steered me back to a place of sanity.

Dreams are fragile, best germinated in the still of the night, the calm of the dawn and perish in harsh light.  They need to be protected and nurtured, kept in a sterile environment, away from the viruses of doubt, criticism and fear.  When the belief has taken root and the mind firmly made up it can be carefully displayed to a trusted few.

My dream is mine, no one else needs to understand it, see it or believe it .  It’s just about me… a small statement of my intention.

I hold onto to my dreams with both hands.  Sometimes they are all that I have, and all that keeps me going.  I take small steps every day that inch me closer to that other reality, truly believing that when it happens there will be MAGIC!


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