Intel knows meetings

Intel Corporation is an example of an organization that takes its meetings very seriously. Walk into any conference room at any Intel factory or office anywhere in the world and you will see a poster on the wall with a series of simple questions about the meetings that take place there: Do you know the purpose of this meeting? Do you have an agenda? Do you know your role? Every new employee, from the most junior production worker to the highest ranking executive, is required to take the company’s course on effective meetings. For years, the course was taught by ex-CEO Andy Grove, who believed that good meetings were such an important part of Intel’s culture that it was worth his time to train all employees. “In our training program, we talk a lot about meeting discipline,” says Michael Fors, corporate training manager at Intel University. “It isn’t complicated. It’s doing the basics well: structured agendas, clear goals, paths that you’re going to follow. These things make a huge difference.”

Intel maximizes the inherent opportunities present in the business meeting. The management realizes a meeting as the ideal setting to generate ideas, air opinions, challenge authority, question the status quo and build team morale and commitment.   How many of us share this opinion?  How many of us groan at the thought of attending another boring time wasting event (meeting)? How many of us try to duck out of especially after seeing the list of attendees?

Meetings are expensive ventures –   total cost of the people in the room and the lost time.  So it’s worth while for the company to get better at hosting them.  In the next article I will share with you the SEVEN HABITS OF EFFECTIVE MEETINGS!! Stay tuned.


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