7 Habits of Effective Meetings

Develop these Habits on a meeting by meeting basis and I promise you will see remarkable improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of your meetings. ( If you don’t tell me what went wrong and I will gladly assist).

HABIT 1: Set a clearly, defined DELIVERABLE that manages team’s expectations and immediately focuses participants’ thoughts. Share this before the meeting; any disputes about its relevance can be settled prior to the meeting.

HABIT 2: Develop and distribute the AGENDA before the meeting so that members know what they are going to do at the meeting and can anticipate the next steps. The agenda is the meeting’s road map.

HABIT 3: RULES set the tone and define acceptable behaviour at the meeting. Participants should assist in rule setting for early buy in and to encourage participation.

HABIT 4: Limit the number of ATTENDEES to a manageable number by inviting only persons who will make a real contribution.

HABIT 5: PARTICIPATION will occur when each attendee feels comfortable and safe in the meeting. When the attendee is satisfied that his/her opinion is considered and understands why and how the decision was made commitment to the outcome is guaranteed.

HABIT 6: The WRAP UP serves as a last call for any dissenting opinions. Reiterate all decisions and develop next steps or action plans.

HABIT 7: NEUTRAL LEADERSHIP is critical to the success of any meeting. The facilitator will lead the meeting, keep people in check, remind stragglers of the meeting’s deliverable, determine the techniques that will solve problems and document the decision or meeting outcome.


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