What’s a deliverable?

Like a bad advisor I stated the 7 habits of effective meetings and pressed on. Not giving you a chance to understand and not explaining much either. So I will return to each habit and explain with an example.
A deliverable is the point of the meeting. It’s what we want to leave the meeting with, that one compelling outcome that made us leave tasks and huddle around a table, phones or screens and meet with others. That deliverable should be clearly stated before the meeting so that all attendees know exactly what will be discussed. Disagreements about the deliverable should be settled before the meeting. No agreement on the deliverable, means an ineffective meeting.
If your meeting has the following deliverable ” At the end of the meeting we will have a menu for the family day,” everyone knows what that meeting is about. If you are not interested, have nothing to contribute and have a choice, then you won’t attend. If you attend, it will be pointless to start discussing “games to play at the family day.”
Deliverables help us evaluate the meeting and tell us when to stop. If we leave the meeting with out the menu then the meeting was a waste of time. As soon as we agree on the menu, we can stop the meeting.

Think back to the last meeting you attended. What was the deliverable? Was the deliverable achieved?

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