Everyone has an agenda

Like it or not everyone has an agenda. At each meeting, attendees intentionally or not walk with their agenda and contribute to the meeting accordingly. The facilitator’s challenge is to design an agenda that will neutrally state WHAT needs to be considered, discussed and resolved to achieve the stated deliverable.
To achieve the deliverable of “a family day menu” the agenda will look like:
Introduction – remind everyone of the deliverable, introduce persons if necessary, review the agenda
Family day attendees – establish who will attend the family day, they have to eat. These might be grouped by whatever they have in similar – religion, sex, age.
Likes / dislikes – the constraints of each group can be reviewed as limits to the menu. Kids may not want sushi. Muslims do not eat pork.
Venue – if the venue is pre determined then the storage, cooking facilities of the venue will limit the type of food offerings. If the venue is not yet determined then the menu will be used to select the venue.
Menu – reviewing the above leaves the attendees in a good
position to decide on a menu that will serve the various
Wrap up – the decisions that were made are reviewed
It is easy to see how this particular agenda will lead to a family day menu that serves the constituents. Consider designing an agenda for your next meeting. If you need help, call me!


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