Most of us grew…

Most of us grew up with household rules. Stated or not, they identified the behaviors that our parents wanted us to display and told us what actions we could or could not take. Breaking the rules resulted in punitive treatments being meted out to ensure that we learned from our mistakes.
Rules set the tone of the meeting, promote the types of behavior that are acceptable and set boundaries for meetings. One of my favorite rules is “Be present.” This means that attendees are expected to fully participate in the meeting and pay attention. It also suggests that no cell phones and other communicative devices are welcome at the meeting. Once attendees agree to the rules, it is easy to recommend that the very important call be taken outside.
At meetings, I invite attendees to add rules that will help them contribute to the meeting. Once they agree to the rules, the attendees self monitor behavior (and that of others ) to make the meeting work. I have included some of the more popular rules that attendees agree to at meetings. Feel free to use these at your next meeting.
Respect the opinions of others
One person talks at a time
Disagree with the opinion not the person
Share share share
What we say here stays here
Give give give
Listen to others


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