It’s over!

What usually happens after a meeting? Some attendees stay on to discuss the meeting, others hustle away to discuss with someone who did not attend, and others then voice their real opinions.
Question: if the meeting deliverable has been achieved, is the meeting over? My answer is no.
The wrap up is necessary to bring closure to the meeting and for the attendees.
The wrap up is used to review where the group started, the decisions made and the reasons behind the decision making. It is an opportunity to check for any last minute objections before finalizing the decisions made. Be ready for both gems and show stoppers to emerge. At this time any unresolved issues can be identified and decisions made for resolution at another date.
I like to invite participants to volunteer for wrap up duty. This way I am sure that some participants leave the meeting remembering the WHATS and WHYS of the decisions.
Before the meeting ends, I allot each attendee sound off time so that they can state what they felt about the meeting and its outcome. This is a guaranteed way to find out if your meeting was effective (even though the deliverable was achieved).


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