A small change

I have worked with a number of companies over the last 15 years.  I never recalled any one of those companies saying “Maxine come do a Business Process improvement project for us.” I have never been so lucky. Instead my clients say, “We have a problem and we want you to fix it.”  Sometimes the job was Finance related – cash flows, monthly reporting, accounts payables / receivables.  Sometimes it was about information technology   – transfer of data from one platform to another, ensuring compatibility among systems.  Other times I became a Project manager to ensure that a particular objective was achieved. The jobs crossed all the functional areas of the companies –administration, finance, marketing, technical and some operational departments. 

Whatever the job, I always broke it down into the three basic elements – people, process and technology. I sincerely believed that if there is a robust process and people agree with the process, then we could work to align the technology with the process.

When I became a facilitator in 2008, I had an AHA moment.  There was no need to tell people what is best for their process; I could lead them to that discovery.  What a relief!  I still “fix problems” in organizations but now I see it differently.  I work with the people to develop the process and then we align the technology. 

It seems like a small switch but it has made a world of difference to the level of commitment the organizations have made to the project outcomes.


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