Script writer facilitator needed

I am here at home struggling with the script for my website. I did a first draft of the script and received great feedback from Lorijo and Connie. Yet still I struggle! It’s pretty annoying, I know what I want to say and how important it is to say it well but all the words seem trite and do not POP. I want the website to be awesome. I want it to reflect my passion for Business Process Improvement and how I use faclitation to service individuals, teams and organizations. Yes, I also want it to intrigue people to use my skills to propel themselves and their businesses towards their Vision.
After many scratches on the paper I decided that
1) I do not have to do this on my own – there are loads of people who make a living doing this
2) I need to find someone who understands what I am saying to work with me
3) I want someone who will write what I what to say in a way that captures my voice and conveys what I want to say
And now I am laughing. It sounds like I need the services of a facilitator to work collaboratively with me on this one. Exactly the type of service that I want to offer. I just had an AHA moment. So if you kmow any facilitators who can assist me generate an awesome script that sounds like me – send them my way!


4 thoughts on “Script writer facilitator needed

  1. Finally, the cobbler invests a bit of time making shoes for his family. Turn to the passion, your guiding principles, and where you want to be. Paint the picture and let people view it, not whether it’s good or bad; rather, what can they learn from you?


    1. Isn’t that so true. The principles of facilitation are what I need right now to lead me to a great website. I need to have an AHA moment myself. I will focus on what can be learnt and become the servant of my website viewers. Thanks for the great insight Terrence.


    1. Ty,you are spot on about this. Better yet, I am going to get some facilitation on this. I will also take up you offer on collaboration. Ask and you shall receive, the Universe definitely provides.


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