1. Get your BPI Project Approved

There are many competing projects in the company. Each person who proposes a project has tons of reasons why his/ her project is the ONE that will boost sales, generate profits etc. Reality check. The company only has a limited amount of money to spend on projects. How then does the Business Process Improvement (BPI) Project get sold? The company is generating sales and is doing relatively well. Do we really need the BPI Project?
People don’t know what they don’t know. Your job is to tell and prove why the company needs Business Process Improvement. You can show exactly
1) How the BPI ties back to Vision. Processes are what we do on a daily basis to serve Vision
2) The cost of doing business the way that we are doing it now
3) The savings that will be generated by the BPI
4) The way that employees will be better used
5) The intangible savings from empowered employees and more strategic managers
6) The impact on the company’s reputation in the market

The BPI Project needs to be treated as any other project. It must be presented to the Company’s executives as a rational, economically justified solution to an existing problem.


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