Choose your team

Sure the BPI is your idea, but you can’t do it alone.  This Project will change the way that people work, the jobs that they do and even where they sit.  It may look great on your resume that “I did a Business Process Improvement Project” but what’s the point if the results are not sustainable.  Get a group of people to help.  Who should you choose? The following questions should help

  • Who will benefit from an improved process?
  • Who will lose power from an improved process?
  • Who has the influence to make the changes happen?
  • Who can release the resources – money, people –  for the project?
  • Who can lead persons to the new decisions?
  • Who is a good communicator – who will people believe?
  • Who is interested and excited about the project?
  • Who sees the project as important to the business, his / her career?
  • Who has the necessary skills needed at this point of the project?

Some persons may fit more than one of the criteria and may be important to get on your Project team.  Don’t be afraid of people who seem negative about the project at the onset – they also have a contribution to make.  Note that at different stages of the project different skills are needed. 

Your team needs training, leadership, the safety to make mistakes, and the support of the Senior Executive to get rolling.


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