Vision or bust

After six years I am saying goodbye.  It is a position that I outgrew and a job that now feels small. Limited by the opinions of others, not having the freedom to make a contribution, any contribution. Frustration set in,reluctant to get to work, completing set tasks, alarmed by the low level of thinking that was asked of me.  How to reconcile  the two.  In my private life I exist, I matter, I speak, I am heard, I write. In my job I fade away, invisible, denied the many requests.  What to do? I return to my vision and say I spend 40 hours doing something that does not contribute to my vision. Something that leaves me uninspired at the end of the day, drained from inactivity and I decide to get out.  Vision or bust. I made a list of all the people that I knew and honed in one one person.  Sought him out professionally and said this is what I can do, this is what I want to do, tell me what’s possible.  Six months of him figuring out how best to make organisational space and have buy-in from stakeholders  and then the offer of a job.  

For me it’s not about the money or the title. It’s 40 invaluable hours each and every week that will take me that much closer to my vision.  Here it comes, I watch it unfold.


8 thoughts on “Vision or bust

  1. Life is too short not to pursue a calling or vision. Here’s wishing you swift feet able to catch the vision.


    1. Big feet needed or lots of training. I start the Savannah on Thursday. T
      Officially training to catch the vision. Lol


  2. Great M, definitely you know that you will be fine….whatever you do you are doing for you. Crawl,walk,run,fly ! Must catch up


  3. I admire your ability to take risks. Life is too short and it really should be about making a meaningful contribution. I will always remember Whoopi Goldberg in the Color Purple saying’ I may be many things, but by God, I am here” And you are indeed here, Maxine!!! Looking forward to reading your book!


    1. Marcus,
      Thanks for the feedback. I will share one of my favourite quotes by Albert Camus. “But what is happiness, except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?”


  4. Maxine, sometimes we have to chase our dreams. The minute you recognise that you are not one of the chosen ‘hypos’ in the organisation, no matter what you do or contribute, it doesn’t matter. That’s when frustration steps in and decisions are to be made. You are young, brilliant, talented….CHASE!!


    1. Charmaine,
      You are so right! We must remember that we have choice. Please join the facebook page for the book – Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual and like us at Tell all your friends that your cousin wrote it 🙂


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