Presentations 101

I presented an 1.5 hour session on Succession Planning at the inaugural Trinidad and Tobago NGO Professionals Conference on May 12th 2012.  Luckily for me, I did a Succession Planning with HOPE –  an NGO some three years ago and kept in contact with the previous leader – Sr Rosario.  Some of lessons I learnt – both from the things I did well and did not do:

1) Invite someone who can attest to the credibility of your proposed methods.  I invited Sr Rosario the previous leader who offered up some pretty good PR for me

2) Don’t be afraid to share the glory – Sr was a great help during the presentation, walking around the room, fielding responses

3) Ignore the room set up and get on with the job.  The room was set up theatre style, we still got at least 7 groups of people to huddle and discuss

4) Get the participants involved – The best way to understand something is to do it.  Find some way to make the experience a learning one.

5) Encourage participants to share, discuss and comment on the topic.

6) Have your promo materials ready – I erred here.  I did not have new call cards available

7) Be generous – I offered the presenters the presentation to post on their website ( they have not taken up the offer.)

8) Ask for feedback, pictures, testimonials from the session – I did not get these yet.

8) Get the most mileage out of the presentation – hence the reason for the blog.  Check out the presentation on Resources.  

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