Address me correctly

I sent out emails to the participants and received a number of daemon failure notices.  Less than 10% of these reflected my transposition errors, and plain bad typing.  The majority of errors occurred because email addresses were not accurately documented, as participants are signed in at the registration desk and wrote down  their contact information.

So ….How can we ensure that email addresses are accurately captured at meetings, conferences, etc? 

First thought – no cursive writing.  That does not help.  Illegible handwriting remains illegible.   

Second thought – capture data in a  tabular format? This became  more and more complicated as I thought about email addresses with punctuation marks in the middle of them. 

I thought some more.  Why not at the registration desk, ask participants to send an immediate email to the Conference registrar.  Most people have a smart phone and for those who don’t, the Conference can provide login access so that email can be immediately sent to the  registration desk.  

There will be no daemon failure messages.


One thought on “Address me correctly

  1. Alternatively, have participants sign in using a laptop\kiosk[future-world] or registration is completed by an assistant actually using a laptop that way similar to a smart device contact is immediate.

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