My first Coaching Client

Today I have my official First Paying Coaching Client. I am nervous and excited. I want to serve my client well. I want her to be comfortable and trust me. I want to be present and aware of her, while respecting and knowing that she knows best about herself and her direction. My job is to hold her in positive regard, ask probing questions, challenge her beyond her limitations, cheer lead and support. I can’t wait!


8 thoughts on “My first Coaching Client

  1. Good Luck Maxine…you will do well, you will do your best, cause you are GOOD at what you do, can do and what you know…..go get ’em !!!!!


    1. Ty,
      Thanks for the faith. The session went well which means that my client felt served. It is an awesome experience to help someone find clarity. It’s not because of the I ego, it’s because of the sheer joy that the client expresses when (s)he sees the light in the tunnel. It is pure inspiration.
      Best wishes


    1. Maxine,
      Thanks, for your encouraging words. I hope that u are getting some rest. Coffee awaits.
      Happy holidays


  2. Helping people get to “clear organic ownership” of ideas & process is harder than you think. We’re all shook up. Best!


    1. Peter,

      Thanks for your note. You are so right. What I like about coaching is that the client comes to the engagement because they want to achieve something – which means that they have accepted some responisbility. I also remind them before the process that they are in charge, my roles is to assist – not advise. We are all shook up, and we have great moments of clarity in which we make gigantic leaps. I am very aware of my limitations, to any client who is very “shaken up” I would recommend therapy.


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