It’s not about me

When I stand in front of the room, in my facilitator shoes, I have no friends,  I am only vested in the  process.  All I want from the workshop is that the participants achieve their desired outcome.  It really is not about me.  If the group says “Hey, your atttitude does not work for me,” then I have to stop, take check, make changes and move on. 

I think that people are so unaccustomed to the person in front the room not having an ego that they mistake my demeanor as what and who I am.  I am only the process keeeper, my job is to keep the participants focussed and the process moving.  If the session is good and the outcomes achieved, it is not a compliment to me, it is a compliment to the group and how well the group worked together.  It is a hard sell, most persons do not believe me – its a strange outlook.  My behaviour is consistent around facilitation,  eventually the non believers will understand  – it’s just the way that I am when guarding the process. It’s really not about me

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