Sangria and Sushi

Yesterday I received my book (from the publishers) and it is beautiful! It fits in my hand perfectly; it’s just the right size.  The beautiful butterfly on the cover makes it non-intimidating.  Did I say that it is  a very attractive book?

When I got home last evening, I saw a brown box with a Fedex seal.  I knew exactly what was in it.  I opened the box and peeked inside.  Elation.  My sister Leslie was there for the opening ceremony.  Then we celebrated with sangria and sushi. 

The day after how do I feel? That the sangria was strong!  I am  happy, proud ,excited and anxious about the next steps


2 thoughts on “Sangria and Sushi

  1. Max, again congratulations and well done. Good luck with sales and all….I feel like a part of the process I am requesting a signed copy. You should do a wine and cheese and invite some instituition ppl. UTT, COSTATT et al….

    1. Ty,

      Thanks for the best wishes. I am assuming theat “part of the process” means that you shared some of the same space that I did while I was writing. By extension so did so many others – most have stayed exchanging revolving doors for hinges.

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