The first review

Ivor Telamaque writes about Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement manual.  Its the first review on Amazon. com.

Within recent years we have been bombarded by a plethora of business and management books, which have encouraged us to adopt a range of esoteric ideas, represented by such figures as Sun Zu, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Ghandi and even God, not to mention Star Trek, to provide answers to critical management issues. Maxine Attong’s and Terrence Metz’s book, “Change or Die: The Business Process Improvement Manual”, is a refreshing return to a practical approach in addressing fundamental issues faced by businesses in today’s world. The core strength of the book lies in its people centered approach and its involvement of employees at every stage of the business process improvement cycle. It confronts and provides clear and concise solutions for such critical issues as aligning goals and objectives to the overarching vision, determining the core processes that impact the business, change management and the establishment of teams that can effectively implement the improvements that are required. It provides an easy step-by-step methodology for substantially improving business processes and thus business performance. The book is filled with wonderful and perceptive insights that are often overlooked in today’s business world, where the ethereal seems to have triumphed over substance. I strongly recommend this book

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