How I met Terrence Metz

Everyone keeps asking” Who is Terrence Metz?”  and “What did he do in the book?”  I will share with you over the next blogs who he is, what he did and he can say why he did it.

I met Terrence in May 2008.  I travelled to Chicago to attend a FAST Facilitative Leadership Training Facilitation workshop, hosted by MG Rush Performance Learning.  Terrence Metz was the instructor and curriculum developer .  As it turned out the class was very small – three attendees- Dan Sickel , another woman both from All State and myself.  This meant that we had loads of time to talk, explore and get to know each other.  (Dan remains a source of inspiration to me and we remain in touch)

At that meeting, we were asked “Why do we want to learn facilitation?”  I shared that I wanted to write two books – a Business Process Improvement Book, and a Facilitator’s guide to Business Process Improvement Project.

 Two years later I called Terrence and told him that I needed his help to complete the facilitation book, and he agreed.  At some point in time the books morphed into one and Terrence became my co-author on Change or Die the Business Process Improvement Manual.  I will tell you what he did in later blogs.

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