“What did Terrence do?”

How do you say what someone did?  You can look at the output – the indisputable tangible evidence that is a result of their efforts.  Or you can look at the acts they have performed that leave nothing tangible in the wake.  When asked “What did Terrence contribute to the book?” I have to look at both the evidence (tangible) and the discretionary (intangible) contributions to the book.

Things that anyone can see – they are all in the book                                                                  

  • Book name and concept for the cover design
  • Bibliography
  • Co contributor for Appendix C
  • Illustrator of all Figures   
  • Preface
  • Preparer of the book for handover to the publisher
  • Structure and format of the book
  • Table of Contents
  • Writer of Chapter 1 :The Case Study and Chapter 7 – Facilitation and Business Process Methodology
  • Writer of Appendix A, B

Things that are intangible

  • Asking me to clarify, clarify, clarify
  • Challenging me to think
  • Commitment to the completion of the book. We met  almost every Thursday for at least 18 months
  • Completion of the book proposal
  • Custodian of the material – throughout the project, updates and edits.
  • Editing
  • Endorsement of my work by a leading professional
  • Sounding board and challenging questions
  • Recommendations for tables and diagrams (making data more visual)
  • Removing the minutiae of editing and document control, allowing me room to think

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