Could I have done it alone?

So the question remains “Couldn’t you have done the book without him?” The answer is “The book is based on my client experiences which have framed the ENGAGE methodology. The book was in progress before Terrence joined the project.  I don’t know if this book – Change or Die The Business Process Improvement Manual – could have been written without him.”

What I know for sure is that I would have taken a longer time to complete the book and it definitely would not have looked nor felt the same.

It is easy when the road has ended and the product is in hand to say “I did it!” Then our egos join in and say “ Yes you did it, you did not really need anyone’s help.” We diminish the contribution of others whenever we start saying “He only…”

The truth is that the book – Change or Die –  only looks, reads, feels  the way it does because it reflects the efforts of two different professionals with completely different cultural, life and work experience.   We can can only know what is in front of us now.  Any other permutation is just speculation.

I hear everyone’s interest and the need to protect me by asking me what he did and why is he my co author.  The idea of collaborating with a perfect stranger and trusting that all is well is something that we are not accustomed to.  I know you are wondering why? Truth is I have never wondered why.

I believe that when we want to do something badly enough, the Universe/ God sends us all the help that we need.  I wanted to do this book so badly that Terrence without knowing me well said yes.  My good intentions were met with his  good intentions.

 My book, Terrence’s book, our book is evidence of that.


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