I love New York

When I write I can do so in complete silence or with absolute noise.  Sometimes when I really need to think I need silence, then even the slightest of sounds really irritate me (except for the night frogs).  When I was writing the book, I needed absolute noise.  It’s not about volume, but to have a constant sound in the background.  A sound that is not interesting enough to hook you in, something simple so that I could take a breather and not be completely distracted and something entertaining.

This for me meant VH1’s reality show – I love New York!! I am not kidding.  This was my guilty pleasure.  Every evening, I would get home; unlock the door of my one bedroom apartment settle down for the evening’s writing.  I would turn the television on to VH1 and tune into I love New York.  New York, yes that was her name, would keep me company with her antics and behavior.  Her reality was so far from mine that she could not distract.  She created the beautiful noise that kept me company and allowed the words to flow.  When I needed a breather I would look up shake my head and smile.  It was always easy to return to writing.

That makes me think about the value and how it must be in the eyes of the beholder.   New York was my absolute noise maker, the background around which I could create.

What did character from I love New York do for you?




2 thoughts on “I love New York

    1. Sade is not my thing. Amy definitely, but not for creating – New York is my girl. Hence the reason I write, removes all assumptions

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