Three out of 5 or 60%

Three outta 5

The 2nd review on Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual – on Amazon was from a self-confessed “experienced business analyst”.  I love this review, even though I want all reviews to be more than 60%.

I like the fact that the analyst clearly identifies our target audience “I recommend this book to the process improvement neophyte. It is an easy read and understandable.”  (S)he also celebrates our methodology, “The book provides a straightforward improvement process with best practices and facilitation techniques.” And from one so experienced the biggest complement of all “If you have never done a process improvement project before this is probably the best step-by-step manual with lots of details and tools.”

The analyst identified 6 omissions that s/ he is disappointed about, from the perspective of an experienced analyst.    S/he thinks that if the book included these points it would have been a “Dynamite book deserving of a 5 star rating.”

S/He is dubious about the price “with these omissions, I believe the book is overpriced.” And then gives up a suggestion “Perhaps one might rationalize the price considering a CD containing various tools accompanies the book.” 

My take

There are many positives in the review.  The book is best practice and targets people who want to do a Business Process Improvement (BPI) but may be challenged to do so.  The book provides the BPI essentials that will make the Team succeed.  If your Team wants to or is going to engage any consultants to do Business Process Improvement in your organization then read the book.  And as for the 6 omitted points, the Process Improvement will still be successful.


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