Olympics 2012

I am in front of the television, watching London Olympics 2012, thinking that for these athletes it is “Change or Die” time.  These ambitious men and women have spent the last four years, streamlining diets and techniques, improving their race times and performances.  

Getting ready to be our best is not an overnight thing – it involves adopting best practices with the knowledge that there will be elements of trial and error to achieve perfection.  Frustrations, fear, anxiety are some emotions that keep us company on the journey.  We learn how to surround ourselves with cheerleaders and how to stay away from dissuaders.

My musings of course take me to Business Process Improvement.  The journey for the Internal Business Process Improvement Team is akin to the Olympians’ journey.  It is not an immediate thing, its about tailoring through trial and error best practices and techniques that will ensure that the resulting process will best serve the organization’s purpose.


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