Letting go

I was e-chatting with a friend yesterday and telling her that I only want to hear the book – Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual – described insuperlatives. Of course this is unrealistic.  The authors are only human, by default fallible and by extension their products will have flaws.   I was telling her that I need to let the book go, and realize that it’s no longer mine.  So today I realize that the book is no longer mine.  The book has introduced me to new persons, showed me how generous people are and that it will go where it wants to go.  Today I am accepting my role.  Now that the writing is over, my job is only to introduce the book to others.  I am not in control of who buys it, what is said about it, what it is used for and where it goes.  The book is its own entity, and I will now follow its lead.

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