5 ways to improve Strategic Plans

How to get your Team fully engaged in the Strategic Plan? How to implement a Strategic Plan? How to get a plan that works? This two part article provides answers.
What happened at your last Strategic Planning session? Were you happy with the results? Was the plan implemented? These five tips are based on my client experiences. They call for simple changes to the way we look at Strategic Planning that will bring us better results.

1. Set 3 to 5 days for Strategic Planning.
I know that you don’t have time. The work on your desk is piling up. There is an important lead to follow up and only you can make things happen. You can only spare two days for Strategic Planning. If you expect to start and end your Strategic Planning Session in two days then you are kidding yourself or being kidded. Sure at the end of two days you can have a nice sounding statement of WHAT you want to do but do you know in detail HOW you will do it? Call me crazy, but I recommend 3 to five days? Why? I just follow the leader – the big guy didn’t have much going until day 3 -5, and HE is a tough act to follow.

2. Adopt a methodology

When you wanted to improve your golf game or culinary skills, what did you do? You learnt a technique from a coach or book and set about practicing, doing the same thing over and over, removing the quirks and perfecting it. Yet, each year you hire a different firm of consultants to come in and host your strategic planning session. Each consultant comes with the tricks and tools to show you just how good your decision to hire them was. Guess what? You are not getting better at Strategic Planning. Each year you are learning a new technique that has nothing to do with the one before. You are not getting better at Strategic Planning! Save for the gifted few, we learn through repetition, taking skills from simple to complex with each repetition. I use only one methodology to host strategic Plans. I may change the games, the icebreakers and the activities, but the principle remains the same. I want to embed a Strategic Planning methodology into the DNA of each and every organization.

Tell me what you think about these two tips. Make sense? Sounds crazy? It’s just what you need? I will add the next three in the next post.


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