How I got coaching clients

I am looking at my coaching log – list of coaching clients – and marveling at the clients who have come my way. Each has contributed to my growing practice and competence as a coach.

My clients have all come my way via word of mouth. From my mouth they heard I was a coach or a friend or colleague put them on to me.

I facilitated a one day session for a group and a month later, someone calls. She was not part of the group, but her friend was and her friend recommended me. Astonishing, since I did not coach the friend.

Another was sent my way by her lecturer, who is a colleague of mine; she thought that the student would benefit from having a coach. Another worked at the same company as I did, but not as part of my team. Another called me from North America – she saw my Linked in profile and liked it.

When I started coaching, I pondered “How do I get clients?”

I wanted to send letters out to businesses because a lot of new employees, promoted employees, disgruntled employees and other employees could possibly benefit from being coached.

I wanted to write some articles in the business newspapers that speak about the benefits of coaching and encourage the public to try coaching. I wanted to take out a small advertisement with my contact information with an Uncle Sam finger pointed at the potential clients – I want you to be my client.

In the end I have done no such thing. I chose to believe in the power of the spoken word and my purpose – “to enhance the lives of others and leave a positive mark”, hence eink. I think that if I do coaching in service, then I will attract people who need and want to be served. And that’s exactly what has happened.

I have met and continue to meet fantastic, brilliant, confused, ambitious, evolving, scared, intelligent, creative people, each with a goal in mind and each with the will to get to where they want.

They were drawn to create a relationship with me either because of something that I said or was said about me by someone that they trust. They must have felt a cadence; something must have resonated with them to choose me from all the other service providers. I don’t know what the words are I am just grateful that they have been said.


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