How to choose a coach

How to choose a coach? Which coach is right for you and your needs?  How do you select the right coach?  

There are Life coaches, business coaches, executive coaches and spiritual coaches and it’s very confusing.    If you are thinking about getting a coach follow these five steps  – gleaned from observations made during my coaching training and actual practice.   If you have any other questions then drop me a line.

  1. Have an objective – What do I want from my coach?  What am I hoping for?  You do not need to be 100% sure of what you want; but you do need a framework to work with.  This will be important when selecting a coach.
  2. Interview a few coaches.  Making a selection implies that there is a population to choose from. Unless your job has mandated that you see x person for coaching (and they are paying for it) then find more than one coach and interview each.  Why?  You are making an investment in your future so you need to get the most “bang for your buck”.  Having an objective will help you choose the coach that best suits your needs. While a coach can work with almost anyone, most coaches have target groups.  Explaining your objective in the interview will assist both you and the coach to know if it’s a good fit.
  3. Feel right about your coach.  This is not only monetary transaction.  The coach is going to get into your business!  When interviewing the coach, pay attention to your feelings and reflect on how you felt after the meeting.  Are you comfortable with this person? Do you think that (S)he is  trustworthy?  Trust your gut on this one – if “your blood does not take” the person, then walk away regardless of what certificates (s)he has on the wall.  
  4. Pay attention to what the coach says in the interview. If you suspect that your coach has a gender bias and you are of the other gender then walk away.  If your coach speaks disparagingly about life style choices and you fall into one of those categories then the relationship will not work.  Listen to what the coach is saying and believe what you have heard.
  5. Accept that not all coaches can work with you – You are unique, with a unique personality and needs.  Why assume that just anyone can cater to your needs?  It’s your life, your money and your decision.  

The lesson is that not every client is for every coach and not every coach can serve every client.  During my training I have seen coaching sessions fizzle because the coach and client did not fit.  I have seen the coach from the fizzled session bring insight to another client.  Most of the coaches you meet will be competent, but that is not enough.  You want a coach that fits you, one that you feel comfortable with, one that you can be true with and be sure that there are no repercussions.  A coach provides a wonderful partner on life’s journey; choose carefully, for this will determine the quality of your journey.


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