How to host a successful book launch

How to do a book launch?

How to get people to come to your book launch?  How to put a book launch together?    What are seven tips for a successful book launch? 

These were some of the questions that I had in my head over the last month as I planned the book launch for Change or Die the Business Process Improvement Manual.  I think that the book launch is the last step in the process of book writing.  It was for me a herald to my world that the book is complete and available.   The book launch was successful; the booksellers were extremely pleased at the turnout and even happier that quite a few books were sold.

In the tradition of teaching a man to fish I will share with you the secrets of the success of the book launch

1)      Don’t do it yourself.  There is no way that I could have done the book launch by myself.  Luckily I work with the extremely creative and talented Melaine Mahabir who volunteered to be the Event Manager.  She planned and executed everything to perfection.  I just showed and focused  on what I knew best – the book.

2)      Endorsements – In your audience, there will be people who don’t know you or your book.  Get credible persons with book topic relevant experience to endorse you and the book.  If you can’t get anyone to say a few nice words about you, then let them speak about your accomplishments.  If no one has read the book or no one likes it, then let the speaker focus on the topic of the book and not the quality of the book’s contents.  Luckily for me, the  speakers said great things about me and endorsed the book and its contents.

3)      Invite your network – I invited people from all walks of my life – school friends, university buddies, colleagues from past and present jobs and my friends.  Boy did they show up.  Reach out via linked in, face book and other social media as well as good old texting and invite your contacts to your launch.  You want to make an impact.  You want to show that you have support for your book.  You need to reach out to people – ask and you shall receive.

4)      Document the event – This is the last step in the book writing process so I wanted to document everything.  I ensured that there were photographs and video of the event.  My one faux pas was failure to have a guest register for attendees to sign.  Ensure that you do not make my mistake.  

5)      Invite the press – It will be ideal to have press coverage so that the book launch resonates within your community.  Whether traditional or online, media is always looking for content.  If the media does not show then become your own media house.  I wanted to stream the book launch live on the net but the technical issues were too expensive to resolve.  Instead I settled for video footage and photographs which I will post online.  Create your own social media buzz about the event.  There will be people in your network who could not attend but who may be interested in knowing what happened.

6.     Rest before the event – At the book launch the author has to WORK! It takes a lot of energy to remain focused, answer questions, sign books and be attentive.  The audience is there for you and everybody wants to talk to you and be photographed with you.  My emotions were a mixed bag of joy and pride, my adrenaline was rushing.  At the end, I was extremely tired and wired.  I was not involved in any of the book launch preparations so I was able to rest before the event.  As a result, I stayed alert and involved during the event.

7.     Don’t drink until it’s done – At the book launch, guest were treated to glasses of red wine.  I drank coconut water.  I was on a natural high, soaking up the attention and the positive energy from the audience. Alcohol and adrenaline could have been a toxic combination that may have left me looking gaga in front of my guests – not a good thing.  I saved my wine for later.


I hope that these tips help you when planning your book launch.  If there are any questions that you have or other information that you want to make your book launch a success, just reach out to me and I will help.

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