3 reasons why I have a Personal Vision

Why is it important to set a Personal Vision?  What does a Personal vision do for you?  What is the value of a Person Vision?

There I sat minding my own business, when this lively energetic presence entered the room and handed me two sachets of coffee.  We exchanged numbers and the dance began.  She was in the lead, I followed mesmerized by the speed of her talk and confident manner.  Who is this wonder woman and how can I be like her?  She told me the story of Organo Gold.  Everyone in the world drinks coffee right?  So out of the millions of people who drink coffee this company just wants to get 10 percent of that market to drink Organo Gold.  So I was working out the numbers in my head and going “Wow, look at all the extra money I would make.”  She introduced me to the regional head via Skype, invited me to a special event, created an Organo Gold webpage just for me.  When she asked me for my credit card number to pay for my first shipment of product I balked.

What was I thinking?  This is network marketing – the product changes but the selling principle remains the same.  The bottom feed the top.  So I slowed down – I need some time to think.  We agreed to reconvene the next day.  That evening I dusted out my Vision from the dark corner of my mind and checked it over.  Author sure, Business Process Improvement great. Sales??  Nowhere on my Vision was there anything to do with sales and I definitely was not going to force fit it in now.  I declined the offer.

1)      Vision sets a clear direction – I was so infatuated by this assertive, confident being that I wanted to follow her down her path.  My vision showed me what was important to me and only me. 

2)      Eliminate distractions – Distractions are always pretty, wrapped in shiny paper and promise great things.  Seeing that this was not part of my game plan it was easy for me to say this is not for me.

3)      Vision is constant as the North Star – The vision is firmly in place and does not waver.  I have been working my Vision for the last ten years, putting in the time and I have seen success.  Without a constant Vision I may have made room to become a sales person.

If you want help creating your own personal vision then write me and I will provide some tips


4 thoughts on “3 reasons why I have a Personal Vision

    1. Dionne, you can connect with me on Skype and I will gladly walk you through the visioning exercise. My Skype name is Maxine.attong


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