How to set personal Vision

7 steps to your personal Vision.  How to set my personal Vision?  How to develop a personal Vision?  How to create a personal Vision? What can I do to develop Vision? Simple tips for developing personal vision.

 My last post about how my personal Vision keeps me on track, struck a chord with many persons; some of whom contacted me and asked “How to develop a Personal Vision?” 

Today I will share one simple and fun way to set your personal vision.  Try it and tell me how it works for you.

  1. Set aside some time – Things take time.  Set aside two or three hours to create your Vision.  For those who cannot set aside this time all at once, I indicate Step 1 and Step 2  of the Vision process.  This allows you to chunk down the exercise to fit your time schedule.
  2. Get quiet – This is an imaginative or creative exercise, which means that you DO NOT have to be an artist to succeed. I read that “stillness is where creativity is found”.  The exercise requires silence.  If you do not like the sound of silence, then play music that inspires and relaxes you.  I listen to Jazz classics, familiar sounds that need no attention. I cannot  imagine to whale sounds.  Some people need smells to create relaxation, burn incense if you want to.  Set the mood that nurtures quietude and gives your imagination a working chance.
  3. Do this alone – This is your Vision and it is for you.  It needs to be created by you for you.  Your best friend probably has great ideas of what you should do with your life and how you should live your life.  She may be right.  But, you know what ? That is her version of your Vision, it is not yours.  You need to be responsible and accountable for your Vision, you need to commit to it, so you need to develop it.  I love when someone tells me what to do, if I fail, I shrug “it was not my idea anyway”.   Do not kid yourself, this is important. If you cannot be alone, then invite a friend or two to do the exercise with you.  Just ensure that they mind their business and you mind yours.
  4. Set the intention.  Decide what you are setting the Vision for.  Is it for your life, your business or both?  When do you want to see the Vision achieved?  Is it in 5 years or 10 years? If you believe in a Higher Power, the Universe or God, don’t leave Him or Her out of the picture.  This is your Vision, it is mission critical.  Throw all your good vibes into the mix to create a Vision that resonates with you.
  5. Vision exercise. Step 1  Finally,the good stuff – The VISION EXERCISE – a simple, fun way to set your Vision.  Yes FUN! You will need, a pair of scissors, glue, one page of flip-chart paper or bristol board and some old magazines – O, Allure, Cosmo, GQ and even the cheesy, gossipy ones that you read when no one is looking.  Flip through the magazines, and clip all the pictures or words that tug at your heart.  This is not a head exercise.  This is a heart exercise.  Give yourself permission to just clip items that you like.  No judgement, no analysis, like and cut.  The pictures do not have to make sense.  They do not have to relate to your present life.  They do not have to relate to what you are dreaming about.  Just see, feel and cut.  I know that the academics are saying “What!?” with mouths open in disbelief.  Trust me, the mind has a role, it is not now.  Cut pictures until you want no more.  Trust yourself, you will know when. Arrange the pictures on the flip board and glue them down. 
  6. Interpret the images Step 2- Now invite your mind into the picture (academics sigh).  What are the images telling you?  Be quiet and listen.  Does the beautiful ring mean that you want to be married? Do you want to afford a ring like that? What do the words that you cut out mean?  Are the words a message to yourself? Do the words represent a value that you want to live by?  Is the fence around that house a boundary that you want to put in place? Is it  how you want your house to look? 
  7. Post it up and use it- This is your Vision.  It is how you will live the rest of your life.  It determines that things you will say “Yes” and “No” to in your daily lives.  Post it somewhere where it is visible to you, a private space, a safe space, where it will not be ridiculed.  Take a picture of it and store it on your phone or other mobile device, that way you can take it with you wherever you roam.  Whenever an opportunity faces you, a decision has to be made, you feel uneasy, return to the Vision and use it as a bench mark for decisions. 


I have my Vision collage hanging on my bathroom door.  No guests have access to  this space. My collage reminds me of where I want to be, the things that I want and how I want to live.  Try the exercise and tell me how it worked. I eagerly await your feedback.



4 thoughts on “How to set personal Vision

  1. Powerful stuff Maxine. You have me reading out of your hands the way you set this exercise out. Brill ! You have crossed over to Life coach Master ! Will feedback on my vision setting definitely.

    1. Great Ty. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Have fun with it and let your imagination flow

  2. Hi Maxine, my friend taught me a similar technique. I like the idea of first taking the mind out of it and going from the heart. Anyway, I plan to try out this exercise.

    1. Lorijo, I am excited to hear that you all try it. I can’t wait to hear what happens for you

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