Blog blank

I have wanted to write a blog for a while, but I have been blog blank.  I can’t seem to think of a great topic to write on and I don’t seem to want to break any thought down to small reader friendly pieces.  My heart is telling me that there is something that I need to be doing that I am not.  The reluctance spreads to my fingers and they become too heavy to type.  What is it that is keeping me back?  What is it that makes me blog blank?

Today it hit me.  I am blank because I am not in the truth.  I have been lying to myself.  My fingers have refused to be part of the lie so they resist in protest to the untruths I use them to spread. What is the truth?  The truth is that I am flying at half-mast.  I am masquerading as a high performer when I have not broken a sweat. I am so comfortable in the groove that I have gone into.  The truth is that it’s time for me to move on and not hold on to what I have. The truth is that it’s time for me to make a new plan, start afresh and take my game up to the nth level.  I have no idea what that looks like or what I have to do to get there.  I just know that I need something new.

My fingers responded today.  So I take my truth from them.  New page, new start, new direction has begun.  I am once again being created.


5 thoughts on “Blog blank

  1. Terrence Thanks for the thoughts. I can do some pro bono coaching with some women in less fortunate positions at the shelters. I will try that and see how that works

  2. Maxine, this is so inspiring. Thanks. I think it happens to many of us at least once per week. I think it is so powerful that you can be so honest to yourself first of all, and then in a blog to ‘us’, your readers. There is so much that we can do but we are not being truthful with, and\or to ourselves about. Keep pressing on, and thanks for the motivation to address some of my untruths….

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