How to create personal Vision?

What is my Vision? How do I find my Vision?  I have done the exercises, now what?

I have been staring at the Vision collage every time that I enter the room and nothing comes to mind.  What next?  These pictures tugged at my heart as I listened to the Universe and ripped them from their magazine hosts and yet I am blank.  It’s not fair.  I have had the same Vision for the last 10 years and have worked towards it. I can tick off the things on it.  Facilitator yes, Author – yes, get out of accounting – yes.  There is nothing that I want to achieve professionally. I have all the letters I need behind my name.  So now what? And now that I am looking for the new thing, the next thing, I am bankrupt. 

I never understood what people meant when they said “ I don’t know how to set a Vision.” I now understand the frustration others speak about when they do not have a Vision or do not know what to do next or where to go.  It has always been pretty easy to visualize what I wanted and how I wanted it.  And now I am not sure where to begin.   I have to be quiet now. I have to be watchful now I have to be still and wait.

I see my collage every day, sometimes more than once for the day.   It’s pretty, full of bold and wonderful colors and images that evoke feelings of freedom, family and fun.  Regardless of where I am looking at the collage my eyes fall on this quote by Lewis Caroll “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”.  Slowly I accept and understand.  I was so busy doing that I have not lived my Vision.  I am being challenged to dream the impossible and start being what I am meant to be.  To go beyond the realm of what I know, what I have and what I can do and expand my world. I recall my mission “To enhance the lives of the people and companies that I come in touch with.” My vision has not changed, but I have been resting, comfortably paddling water and hiding from my calling.  It’s time for new worlds, new connections and new adventures.  It is time to get up, shake off lethargy of the comfortable and take new risks and chances.  Wake up Maxine the World is calling.  Mission Impossible continues today.


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