How to fulfill Vision?

After setting the Vision what do I do?  What’s really behind the Vision?

I am so good at planning, that it has become a crutch! I plan and I am safe. I developed my Vision, casted it in cement and methodically set about achieving the goals that take me closer to the vision. Step by step and goal by goal. Fiends look on impressed “You get things done!” Yes, I do. What’s missing from my life then? Why do I not celebrate these awesome achievements? Why am I left feeling empty inside? Honestly the answer is that there is no magic and no surprise in the things that I have done. Not heart, all head, not of love but of intellect. When it gets done there is no euphoria, just the knowledge that 2+2 will always be four (to non-scientists) and one foot in front and then the other, creates momentum that moves me forward. It works for a while and then everything stops.

So now I need not to plan. What is needed is a jump; a leap of faith – one that will have me afraid, excited, and anxious, as I stand at the edge. A leap that takes me out of the comfort zone, knowing that my feet will not ever touch the pads from which they launch, knowing that I cannot reverse the jump in midair and that there is no turning back. When my toes leave the edge of this safety zone, I can never return.

Just the thought of it makes my mouth water. What do I need to do to feel this rush, this exhilaration, and this excitement that is unplanned? What do I need to do to have a goal leap up and catch me as I jump into the Universe’s safety net that is always there to catch me? What would it be like to believe, truly believe that I can never ever fall?

“Six impossible dreams before breakfast,” Lewis Carroll boasts. “Impossible dreams Maxine, what are yours?” he taunts me from his tomb.

My impossible thoughts trickle in, “What would it be like for me to just write? Live off my writing? Go back to school and learn the forms of writing which I never did? What would it be like if I become part of an active writers’ community? What if I catch the coaching and facilitation wave as it is landing before it hits the surf? What if I let magic happen?

What if? I am smiling now, feeling the flutter of life that I do not feel on mornings as I boot my laptop. I am hopeful. The impossible journey has begun and I am excited

2 thoughts on “How to fulfill Vision?

  1. Again, Maxine your ideas hit home. Profound and motivating….thanks yet again. I am stuck with my writing, this channel you have created has me bouncing as I read it.

    1. Great that there is resonance for you in the post. This writing thing is our inner child. It wreaks havoc until we give it its way forth – pen and paper is its birth

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