Seven tips for writers

Seven tips for writers.  How to start writing? What to do to start writing

I am ready to write again.  It is a ritual for me.  I have spent the last three months remembering and doing all the things that I did for Change or Die.  These are the things that I do.

1)      Don’t write just think – I decide on the topic and mull it over in my head.  No pens no typing just me and the thoughts and I lug them around with me everywhere I go

2)      Take nothing in –I don’t read anything on the topic that was written by anyone else. I want my thoughts to be clear and not influenced by other voices

3)      Find a place to write.  For Change or Die I bought a beautiful red Chair, for the new book I bought a green one.  Now I am back to sitting in the red one

4)      Crate a space to write and preserve it – My writing space is not to be shared.  I set up a beautiful space in the loft, with the green chair and then my partner started using it.  Yuck – I can’t write there.  The space has to be MINE, hence the reason I am back to the red chair ( my partner does not like it)

5)      Talk about it – I started talking about the book to my TRUSTED and positive cheerleaders.  People who I know mean well and will ask me clarifying questions only.  I also spoke to my coach which means that I made a commitment.  If you don’t have a coach then share with the person you respect the most – who you trust etc. and commit to them a start date

6)      Prepare a draft – I developed a loose draft of the themes I want to cover and what goes under each theme.  Really it’s one page in a note book.  Nothing fancy – it’s too early to decide what chapter is first second or third.

7)      Create an image of your completed product.  This really gets me excited.  I creted the book cover – a strong visual of the book and what it is about.  This I stick on the fridge door so I can see it.  I don’t care who else sees it.  The more people talk about it the more I get to hear how it sounds.

So now I commit to you.  I begin writing the new book in September 2013.  I have created the book cover and it’s on my fridge.  Drop by and we can have a chat about what it’s about. 


2 thoughts on “Seven tips for writers

  1. Great post, Maxine. You’ve motivated me! It’s always interesting to hear how other writer’s work. I need my special place, as well. However, I don’t like to talk about my writing until I’m finished. I write fiction, and talking about a story while I’m still in the process of writing/creating it feels awkward. I love, however, the idea of committing to your project and creating a book cover. I have a friend who always creates her book covers first. I believe Dr. Wayne Dyer also does this. Anyway, come September, I’m committing myself to writing another novel. 🙂


  2. Congratulation on the September deadline. I am enjoying Wheels. Yes it would be a spoiler to discuss your fiction. Do you tell anyone that you are going to write? What are your writing rituals?


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