The Beauty of Rest

Why rest?  What can I do to increase creativity?  5 reasons to stay in bed

On Sunday, I spent 80% of the time in bed.  I was not ill, I just decided not to get up and do absolutely nothing but sleeping.  The result is that I woke up on Monday Morning, feeling refreshed.   There was no grogginess, because I got enough sleep.

 I have tonnes to do every day.  I work ,from Monday to Friday, as an Assistant Vice President in charge of Strategy Planning and Implementation for a regional company.  When I get home, I write – working on two new books, do accounting books for clients and I develop training programs.  In between I do household chores and get some exercise.  I don’t complain about my schedule I like it.  I spend most of the time engaged in doing the things that I want and not have to do.  I just never rest.

I did not make the choice to rest that Sunday.  I had spent four consecutive late nights looking at the Caribbean Premier League finals (cricket) and after the midnight end of the final game went to listen to steelpan music.  So when my body said “I am not moving,” I actually listened to it and stayed still. I often think about that Sunday especially since I have not had another (yet).  I also know that I benefitted greatly from my day of rest and saw the effects in the way that I worked that week.  I am so looking forward to reclaim the positive effects of the rest that I share below:

The effects of resting

1)      Calmness  – That Monday I felt calm.  I made my to-do list and it did not generate any panic, all seemed doable.  My body was in “relax” mode.  Everything seemed to be calmer and the pace not so hectic.

2)      New thoughts – When I sat down to write there was a profuseness of thoughts.  It  was easy for me to spend three hours writing after working a full day.  I saw things differently and was easily able to pen the thoughts without the jittery nervousness that I often work with.

3)      Better Mood – Usually I come in to work from the weekend regretting and resentful that it is over.  Not so this Monday.  I felt ready to work and that my weekend was long enough.

4)      Perspective – When I am rested I seem less important to the world and the world seems less important to me.  My right brain is activated and I feel at peace with the world as if there are no barriers between me and what I want to do.

5)      Creativity – My imagination is activated after a rest, in a positive way. I see the impossible and I feel  it all possible

When will you rest?  Take some time off and just sleep a few more hours.  Spend downtime down as a choice and tell me how it works for you.

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Rest

  1. Americans, in general, underestimate the importance of rest. Myself… I tend to feel guilty if I’m doing nothing. You’re right, however, in that doing nothing can be one of the best ways to recharge the imagination. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I hear you on this. Good luck with the resting. It is a beautiful thing and as always the best things in life are free

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