It’s my write

What to write about?  How to write about people you know?

So I am gearing up for Book Two.  Book One was Change or Die – the Business Process Improvement and that documented my work in Business Process Improvements with companies in Caribbean.  The stories in it are very real and very true – well at least my version of the truth.

Book Two is about my working experiences and what worked and did not work for me.  So this is my challenge.  How do I write and not offend the people who I have worked with, supported and managed?  How do I speak my truth and maintain my relationships?  I have thought about it and it’s really very simple

1)      I will be honest in all the stories – where I was wrong I will say that I am and where I had egg on my face I would not call it an omelet.

2)      I will ensure that the staff is left with their dignity in tact at the end of the story.  It may be a  funny story or a painful one but I will tell them from a place of empathy and understanding

3)      My motive will be pure – These stories that are writing are to share what worked and did not work for me.  It will not be to deride, paint in a bad light or denigrate the memories or experiences of the people that I shared with.

4)      I will watch my tone and keep my sarcasm in check.  That will take several rewrites for I am full of the lowest form of wit

5)      I will use pseudonyms and mix the places where they happened.  The reader will see her/himself but I will take great pain and care to ensure that the real people are hidden from the stares of the inquisitive

That being said I am excited about the new book.  I do not have a publisher or a book contract
but I have that feeling that hum every time I sit to write that feels like yes – this is a good book.  Sometimes I get a good feeling!


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