5 things to do when bored (at the office)

What to do when bored at work?  How to manage time?  How to stay focused at work?

Sometimes at work I have these moments of down time.  I have done all that I can and need to do and I am waiting on other people – to complete a task, to give me information or complete piece of the puzzle.  I am deadline and event driven so unless something is happening I am get bored.  I accept it as part of my personality.  So when I am bored at work (like now) there are a few things that I do to make the best use of my time.

1)      Research – I use the internet like my own personal library.  I research topics related to facilitation, coaching or Strategy. ( and occasionally writing)

2)      Read trade magazines – Fine line between pleasure and work.  I catch up on my Certified Management Accountant magazines, coaching journals and any news from the International Association of Facilitators

3)      Follow up on outstanding tasks – This is a good time for me to check my to-do lists, update them and tackle the items on them.  I have the time for all the things that I never make time for. I also follow up on my team member’s tasks – it’s a good time to actively supervise

4)      Plan meetings with staff – When I am bored it’s the best time to meet with me you have my full attention; there is nothing to compete for my attention.  Meetings must have an agenda though so that they do not become a meet and greet or a waste of time

5)      Write blogs – It takes me 15 minutes or less to document a thought and this breaks the monotony and allows me to refocus on the job.  This may translate into a coffee break or a brisk walk around the office for you.  Anything that gets you away from the desk and clears your head would work.

What do you in your office when bored?  Share them with me – maybe I will learn a new trick or two 

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