5 things not to do when bored (at the office)

What to do when bored?  How to manage time?  How to stay focused? What not to do in an offic?.  5 things that you should never do in an office

Just to balance things a bit, and ensure that the last blog serves you well, I decided to write about the things to not do when bored (in the office).  Very often we are told what to do and only when we make a mistake then we learn what we should not have done.  So here goes – things not to do when you are bored.

1)      Don’t Go and chat with folks – So you are bored and need a break, it does not mean that other people are bored – you may be disturbing them.  Don’t hang around the water cooler looking for conversation, go to a designated break area if you must.

2)      Don’t Talk on the phone – Ever hear about drunk-dialing?  You don’t want to be bored dialing, having aimless chatter on the company’s dime.  Long spells on the phone rarely go unnoticed and we can tell from your body language exactly what kind of chat you are having.

3)      Don’t Have ineffective meetings – Misery loves company. Please don’t invite people to your yawn party by having a meeting.  A meeting is a good use of boring time, but having an ineffective meeting with no purpose and no agenda is a sure way to waste everyone’s time.    Don’t call me to a meeting unless you have effectively planned and are ready for it.

4)      Don’t Post blogs – According to your company’s internet policy, this may not a good time to post your blogs that were written when you were last bored.   In most companies, visits to blog sites, Facebook updates, aimless web surfing are considered “improper use of the internet” so tread carefully. Check your companies internet policies before you decide to use your time this way

5)      Don’t B*tch about it – Please don’t go around saying how bored you are.  It shows a lack of initiative and may reflect your redundancy.  If you are not being challenged lobby your boss for greater involvement or offer to assist colleagues get tasks done.

I understand boredom at work – it is a real thing.  It often is the downtime between ending a project and starting a new one or may signal to me mastery of a skill.  It always says to me that I need to change gears and start something new.  If you have anything to add to the list of things to NOT do then please add.


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