2014 – New direction for this blog

2014 - New direction for this blog

I have been struggling with this blog. Mainly because the things that I want to Blog about are not necessarily related to Change or Die the Business Process Improvement Manual. Sometimes I just want to write about a thought or a silly conversation or a new idea that I have. So I have been conflicted. I got lost along the way.
I have been listening to the experts and not my heart. I was trying to build an online presence, be recognized as a professional in my respective fields, have a voice and an opinion that adds to the contributions and thoughts in the professional world. All of which left me expression less.
Every day when I awake, I am more than an author, more than a coach, more than a facilitator, more than an accountant. Yet I tried to limit my creativity by putting it into a box of numbers – 5 tips for this, 10 things about Y, 3 reasons for anything.
My head bought into the game, but could not convince my fingers to betray my heart. Conflicted soul and heart could not be stirred to write only about professional topics – that is part of who I am, and not the only things dear to me. The result – shut down, because I was denying a huge part of myself.
The funny thing is that I entered into each profession with a curiosity, explored them to the fullest and then added something to make them my own. The learning was unstructured, unplanned and fun. Yet, I was trying to fit my random, magical journey into formulaic thoughts. No wonder I rebelled – it is not how I roll.
Now I know. This is my blog. This is my write. I can write about what is closest to my heart – the randomness of life, the unexpected turn, the curve of my fingers as they hold a pen, the silly, the smart, the things I think and feel. That excites me. I bow to the knowledgeable, experienced, structured bloggers who teach me something new with each post and I say THANKS for letting me off the professional hook. With your sterling contributions I do not only have to Blog about three tips, or 5 things that I learned. I can just blog.
Wow! What a relief. I look forward to blogging about random thoughts and ideas and sharing those with you.
2014 – Year of liberation in blog land

Happy New Year all!

4 thoughts on “2014 – New direction for this blog

  1. Now you’re talking Girll! A U turn for 2014. Looking forward to reading about those random thoughts close to your heart.



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