New Year. New Resolution

 My Mom encouraged me to make New Year Resolutions, to set targets for what I wanted to achieve and sometimes to address habits that I did not want to take forward into the New Year.  This was my Mom’s Goal Setting 101 class – make a resolution and get it done for the year. 

This worked for me for a long time, because I had so many things to achieve.  The resolutions covered material and intangibles, things that the world said that I needed to be, to acquire, to change, to ensure that I was a success.  It was easy to do this when the word success meant something.  All I had to do was follow the carefully drawn out map by all the persons who had gone before and apply the formula – go to school, get a degree, do a professional qualification, travel, do this and then do that. 

As I question the concept of success, my to-do list becomes less and less.    My wants and needs have been reexamined and put into perspective.  I did not truly want that first job, did I really need it? As a result, I have not made any resolutions for a long time.  Since I truly believe that I am the best Maxine with zero wants and needs to be successful, what do I need a resolution for? 

Since I have graduated from the to-do list, I am tweaking my Mom’s lessons and adopting the fundamentals of the New Year Resolution.   Nah, I am not making promises, I am declaring 2014 as the year of resolution.

Save for the musical and medical definitions, resolution (Oxford Dictionary) means

1)      Quality of being resolute – determined, unwavering

2)      Firm decision – formal expressing of opinion/ intention agreed on by a legislative body

3)      Action of solving a problem or dispute

My 2014 Resolution is to:

  • Be determined and unwavering in my life purpose and choices.
  • Express my opinions and intentions firmly and clearly so that there is no doubt. 
  • Solve problems and disputes as and when they occur.

Tell me what your resolutions are and what lies behind them.


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