Welcome Book 2

The first is always a special thing – being first, the first kiss, first date, the first time.  There are songs about it, poems to celebrate it and everyone has a tale to tell about it.  There just isn’t that excitement about being second.

Yet, here I am really excited about my second Book.  I was pretty excited about Change or Die the Business Process Improvement Manual – my first book, and now I am over the top about Book 2.

Change or Die is my head book.  It captures all the thoughts in my head about Business Process Improvement and documents all that I have done in that field.  It captures all the things that I did, saw and heard during all those projects.  I was driven to document the events, to develop templates which anyone could follow and replicate my successes without the trials of my errors.

Book 2 is my heart book.  This is about me and how I feel about the people that I have worked with and offers a different way to lead a team.  It comes from my heart and is filled with positive intentions for the teams that I have lead.  Readers are invited to mimic my best efforts and learn from my mistakes.

Book 2 will have a wider audience since it is less technical than Change or Die, and so I get to engage with even more people than I did with Change or Die.  The thought of hearing from more people all over the globe excites me since each exchange gives me new insight.

Book 2 has brought me confidence.  It says that my dream of being an author is not a one off chance, it is no longer a dream, and it is my reality.  All doubts were removed when the publisher easily accepted my proposal and said “We accept less than 10% of the manuscripts that we receive”. 

Book 2 is due by March 31st 2014. I work at a full time job and spend nights putting my thoughts on paper.  The more I write it’s the more that I like what I am writing.  I have no doubts. 

Book 2 is here and it is going to be published in 2014.


6 thoughts on “Welcome Book 2

    1. Head and heart have such different perspectives. I am really excited to share my heart with an audience

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