Some days like today, it is hard to sit still.  I am here at work physically while my soul yearns to be home writing.   I look at the clock and continue the countdown waiting to get my tasks done so that I could go home, exhale and write.

Today my life is tortured. 

Last night I edited Chapter 3 and I was buzzing, I really liked what I wrote and felt energized.  I did not want to stop working.  When I looked at the clock it was midnight and I dragged myself off to bed knowing that I have to come in to work. 

And now its lunchtime, a little lull in the day’s activities and one hour before the next meeting and I am yearning for my keyboards and marked up paper showing me the edits and changes that need to be made. 

Time to switch gears, time to get lost in something, but nothing compares to my writing.  Today I wish I were at home doing just that writing.

That was yesterday.  Today the answer comes. Don’t torture yourself by staying away from what you love, walk with it.

So not I have a new routine.  I walk to work with a printed chapter in my purse, neatly folded and sometimes crumpled.  It feels good that I am walking with the thing that is dear to my heart.  I do not feel tortured I feel balanced, my book is with me and all is well with the world.

 At lunch, I whip out the document and peruse the words making copious notes as I edit.  I do this while I eat and it never takes more than 15 minutes.  This makes me feel better!! I have done something for myself and the rest of the day continues effortlessly and seamlessly


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