2nd book vs 1st book

A dear friend asked me last night, “How did you write your second book in such a short time – 7 months?”  He remembers how long it took for my first book – Change or Die – the Business Process Improvement Manual – to become a reality.  That was a good question, which means that I readily knew the answer and could list off the reasons.

1)      Change or Die was the first time that I wrote a book.  I was on the learning curve.  I did not appreciate what it took to write a book, a good book and the process was more trial and error and less structured

2)      Change or Die had many reworks and rewrites.  I got some great feedback on the first  12 chapters of Change Or Die which said that  I needed to add a lot more meat to the text

3)      Along came Terrence.  When Terrence Metz joined Change or Die, he brought another level of intellect to the project.  We met once a week on Skype for almost a year perfecting the chapters and the information there in. 

The second book is being written in a shortened time because it has benefitted from the learnings gleaned during the writing of Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual.  All the criticisms, suggestions, words of advice were replayed in my mind when I decided the start the new book. I took the lessons on structure, documentation and formatting that Terrence shared with me during Change or Die and made them my own.  I also adopted his WHAT WHY AND HOW approach to clarify my thoughts and keep the focus while writing.

Writing for me is a process and during Change or Die I learned the process of writing a book.  With my second book I focus just as much on the process as I do on the actual content and I notice that I have improved on my techniques of writing, thinking and editing.  I am looking forward to the third book and seeing how I can improve on the writing process.

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