Carnival Tabanca

I am on the last legs of this book and I am tired. I need a change of environment. I need to change what I see when I sit and write and I need to have no one around me.
I am on my last legs. I feel the energy draining from me and I have a constant dull sound in my head of words and words and words. I have an urge to finish but my body says stop.
I am going to stop for exactly one week. It’s Carnival time in Trinidad so I will take advantage of the parties, the freedom, the friends to take a rest from the writing and editing and totally forget about it.
When Ash Wednesday rolls around I will restart. 21 chapters will be edited for the delivery deadline of March 31 2014

3 thoughts on “Carnival Tabanca

  1. It is necessary at times to step out of the picture frame to appreciate the stroke of each brush, and the essence of their tale. I applaud your successes.

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