How to rate the success of a training program

How to have a successful training program? How can I make training successful?  What do I need to do to have a successful training program?

If you want to know if your training program was a success ask  the participants for feedback. Design an evaluation form that is easy to use and leave room for comments.   If they answer as the ones who attended Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Training Program (see below) then you know that the training program was a resounding success.  The things that you did well can be repeated so that each time you run a training program you will get EPIC results.  The areas that are pointed out for improvement – address them the next time around.  Below are the types of open ended questions that can be asked. The answers are all the feedback received from the participants of the program.  I will repeat the good and determine how I can implement the suggestions.

Please indicate what you think are the strengths of this program:

  •   Well planned and organized. Can be attributed and used in every aspect of any type of business. Originality! Real life experiences.
  •  How it relates the “as is” to the ideal state and its real time.
  •  It clarified issues and put things into perspective. The practical nature of the program makes it easy to relate to the workplace.
  • The practical applications and examples.
  • The examples are real.
  • The depth of knowledge and experience of the Facilitator. It was well organized – Maxine & Leah (TRAINMAR). The structure of the delivery – good mix of practical.
  •  It was very realistic and practical. Real tools for going back into the workplace.
  • Hands on information. I can take it all back and easily implement.
  • The time spent in showing us “how to”. We are truly in a position to go back to our workplace and begin the business process improvement.

What would have improved the program? Please indicate what you think are the weaknesses of this program and the areas for improvement:

  • This was my very first workshop and it surprised my expectations.
  • An extra day to facilitate recap would have been ideal.
  • A longer more detailed program for practitioners a longer more detailed program
  • Maybe some more presentations by participants.
  • I think it was all well done
  • Nothing

Any additional comments

  • Excellent session. A good spend.
  • Great program.
  • The content and program was realistic and relevant.
  • It was great.
  • I am a little overwhelmed with the amount we have to do, but will take it division by division. I am extremely excited about the outcome of our implementation.

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